The Getaway

A Majestic Northern California Yoga + Meditation Retreat

to replenish your body, calm your mind, and reconnect with nature.



Would you like to feel more grounded, spacious, and fully alive?

Are you ready for a long weekend getaway that will leave you feeling deeply nourished, at ease, and connected to yourself and community?

Join Jeremy Falk for a four-day life-boosting yoga retreat that will give your body,

mind, and soul the recharge you need and deserve.

Enjoy four days of all-inclusive yoga, meditation, nourishment + nature regeneration—

Nature bathing, river dips + pool lounging.

Enjoy restorative free time to hike the 20 acre retreat property, lounge by the pool, and immerse yourself in the wild nature Mendocino County has to offer.

Daily yoga + meditation practices.

Open and strengthen your body, calm your mind, and feel fully alive with daily vinyasa yoga and meditation classes in an expansive barn studio overlooking the trees.

Organic, local, farm-to-table meals.

Gather around the communal tables for three meals daily featuring organic veggies sourced from the on-site 5-acre garden and sustainable seafood and meats sourced locally.

Located at the The Land— a wellness and eco-retreat center.

Philo, California | Mendocino Mountains

Escape your busy daily routine and retreat to the majestic Northern California wilderness.

Located in the beautiful Anderson Valley, just 2 1⁄2 hours north of San Francisco, near historic Mendocino and the Pacific Ocean— The Land offers an accessible doorway into the majestic California wilderness.

This one of a kind 160 acre sanctuary is bordered by the headwaters of the Navarro river, old growth redwoods, amazing hiking trails, 20 acres of protected grasslands, and great weather with lots of sunshine. The 2.5 acre garden follows biodynamic principles with beds laid out in a mandala shape.

With an expansive barn yoga studio overlooking the trees, salt-water pool, hot tub, communal dining tables, and acres of raw land, this property offers just the right amount of luxury while holding plenty of space for your wild spirit to roam.

Lodging Option 1 —

The Wilderness Cabins

The Wilderness cabins exhibit rustic elegance with contemporary design elements and interiors. Options are available for both single and double occupancy. Cabins are centrally located with easy walking access to the saltwater pool, trails, rivers, and main lodge and include gas heating, fans, and fast Wifi access. Although we recommend disconnecting from your devices. ;)

Lodging Option 2 —

The Glamping Tents

Nestled beneath a towering canopy of douglas fir trees, our glamping tents are a soft landing spot for you to sleep under the stars. Right outside your tent, an architectural pagoda with bathrooms and showers. Wake up and walk the wooded trail to break your fast in the lodge.

Lodging Option 3 —

The Private Houses

Enjoy the majestic views on expansive outdoor decks, the houses were constructed in the late 20th century using the finest hand-crafted materials and techniques native to Mendocino County. Choose from a luxurious private home equipped with a bathtub, living area, and beautiful kitchen, or share a house with friends. With easy walking access to trails, rivers, and the main lodge, the Private Houses offer ease and serenity.

Join your teacher,

Jeremy Falk.

"I believe strongly in the power of community and these practices that connect us to ourselves and each other. When we give ourselves permission to slow down and fill up our cups, we are more able to show up in our everyday lives, relationships, and in service to our purpose.

I've taught yoga and retreats around the world, studied with master teachers, and know that this practice has the power to transform your life.

My goal for this retreat is that you feel resourced and recharged — to feel good in your body and your heart. To be inspired by everything this practice has to offer so you can walk away feeling lit-up, grounded, and integrate these practices back into your everyday life with embodied ease.

Will you join me?"

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Featuring an evening sound bath with ARULA & Nick Johnson

Arula is a singer-songwriter, electronic music producer, DJ, & sound healing facilitator.  She views music & movement as sacred expressions of a universal language; a language that unites and empowers people from all backgrounds. Her partner Nick Johnson is a musician, poet, artist, embodied masculine leader, and modern Renaissance man who captures the endless beauty and possibility he sees in the world and brings it into every offering he shares.

This is for you if you're ready to get away from the business of everyday life to reconnect with nature, yourself, + community.

Before we embark on the business of Summer, we have an opportunity to slow down and to explore ourselves in daily meditation, yoga, and community. We will disconnect from our devices to deeply integrate with nature.

Whether you're a beginner, an advanced practitioner, or ready to reignite your yoga or meditation practice, this retreat is open to all students who are seeking a reprieve, connection to community, and a chance to connect with our wild nature.

Quiet the Mind

Strengthen Body + Spirit

Connect With Community

Disconnect from Devices

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The Getaway

A majestic Northern California yoga + meditation retreat to restore, replenish, and reconnect you with your wild nature.



Is this right for you?

If you're here, it's probably meant to be. Still curious if this is right for you or have specific questions?

Drop us a note and Jeremy would be happy to answer any questions!

What people are saying...

“Jeremy’s retreat was the most soul-nourishing, invigorating, and grounding experience. His generous energy, enthusiasm, and openness made the entire trip a joyful one. His partner Eliza is a total rock star in her own right and also made the entire experience seamless. Together they created an intimate, supportive, and nurturing environment to reconnect with my inner wisdom and incorporate new rituals and wellness practices into my day-to-day life. I can’t wait for the next adventure with you two!”


"Jeremy is truly a phenomenal yoga instructor! His sequences have a perfect balance. The nuggets of wisdom that he drops are grounded, relatable, and inspiring. This was such a fun and nourishing experience. I found myself more at ease, more present, and happier. I can't wait for the next one!"


"This was one of the most rewarding yoga experiences I’ve had! Jeremy is such a gifted teacher. I knew I love his classes, but did not expect it to have the impact on me that it did. Each day I left feeling integrated, vibrant, and open to what my day had in store. I couldn’t wait for the next morning’s practice."


"Jeremy’s thoughtful and mindful execution was simply flawless, and I learned so much about myself and about the ancient wisdom of yoga. I feel like I’ve leveled up as a yogi!"



Where is the Retreat?

Flow into the New Year will be held at The Land Retreat Center located in the beautiful Anderson Valley — Philo, CA — just 2 1⁄2 hours north of San Francisco, 30 minutes to historic Mendocino and the Pacific Ocean.

Where should I stay?

All guests will stay on-site at the retreat property with multiple lodging options to choose from. Please click on the "Book Now" button to book lodging.

How do I get to the retreat center?

The Land is an easy 2.5 hr. drive from the Bay Area. If you are flying in from out of town, the nearest airport to the retreat center is San Francisco International Airport. Once you fly in, you are responsible for finding your way to the center either renting a car or carpooling—we will send out a carpool sign up for those who would like to connect and ride share.

Are there payment plans?

Yes. Upon registering you may choose to pay in full or a payment plan with two payments.

What will COVID-19 protocol be?

We encourage guests to take a Covid test before participating in the retreat. We are watching the constantly evolving situation and may make changes as we continue to follow CDC guidelines and all local requirements. Our aim is to promote the safety, well-being, and enjoyment of all our guests and no one will be allowed to participate in the retreat if Covid postive. We hope you understand there will be no refunds for any reason, including Covid-19. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

Ready to getaway?

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